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The Advantage Solomon Admission Consulting Provides Is Clear

June 15, 2018
It helps that every consultant at Solomon Admissions Consulting is a former college admissions officer. They know how to make an impression with an application package. As noted, the Solomon Admissions Consultants review are uniformly excellent. They have decided to post admissions letters on their website and there are a lot of them, which explains why people like them. One review noted that the parents of a student applying to the University of California at Berkeley had used other consultants in the past, but that Solomon had stood above the others. They praised their advisor for "his in-depth knowledge of the UC admission process, particularly for engineering applicants," which seems to have made all the difference.

It is difficult to argue that, for someone with an eye on a specific career, getting into just the right college can be extremely important. In many professions, getting a degree from the right university can mean millions of dollars in earnings over the course of a person's working life. However, while getting into a top college, like Stanford or any Ivy League School, is extremely important for the careers of a great many people, the fact of the matter is, getting through the admissions process can be very intimidating. That is why so many students get help from Solomon Admissions Consulting.